How important is affordable web design?  In the 21st century, most businesses can’t survive without a web presence. That’s because so much of the world is digital first these days. You probably already believe this is true—you’re here, after all—but just in case, here’s an example.  Think about the last time you wanted to try a new restaurant in town. Did you Google it first? Most people do. We all want to get more of an idea what’s in store than can be absorbed just by driving by. We want to know about the hours, the atmosphere, the type of cuisine, and even the prices. If this information isn’t available online, some brave souls may stop by anyway. But many will shrug and move on to the next thing that grabs their attention.

Affordable Web Design Means Cheap, Right?

“You get what you pay for” is thrown around as an insult by web design firms that charge premium prices. And it’s true in some cases: it’s possible to pay bargain-basement pricing on web design and get, well, a website that looks a lot like a dingy old basement. If you hire your friend’s cousin’s nephew who’s designing websites at $25 a page to fund his college tuition, don’t be surprised if the results look cheap.

Feel like taking on the task yourself, that’s also understandable. Do your research, line up your resources. Web designers have a specific set of tools, hardware & software being the most important…other than talent, of course. Starting with the right web design ready computer is smart. There are some great machines on the market. Our friends at DesignRush have put together a great hp zbook vs elitebook comparison.

Back to our original point…affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap. Reputable, established web design firms like BlueMatrix Media stake their existence on their reputation for quality. At the same time, we keep our overhead low, which allows us to offer affordable rates to clients. No, not quite as “affordable” as your friend’s cousin’s nephew, but still impressively affordable compared to many of their competitors.

If Affordable Is Good, Free Is Better, Right?

Nope—for the most part, free is the wrong way to go. Free website building platforms like Wix and WordPress are probably sufficient if you’re a 14-year-old with a lawn-mowing business. But the sites you can create using these free site builders are extremely simple.

They’re limited in functionality: you’ll be hard-pressed to sell anything directly from these websites. Also, usually they aren’t truly free, and the free tier that does exist requires your site to host ads for other businesses. Worse yet, you can’t control what ads show up.

In short, having this kind of website makes it look like you’re not a serious business. They may be sufficient for a mom-and-pop business or for your side hustle, but that’s it. If you want to communicate that you’re a serious contender in your field, or if you need to sell items through your website, you need a professional solution.

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A Word of Warning: Avoid Flat Fee Web Designers

If you Google “affordable, quality web design” you’ll see ads and results like “I’ll build you a website for $99!” or “$590 flat fee affordable website!”. A word of warning: avoid these. Design firms that quote a flat rate before discussing clients’ specific needs are taking an approach that encourages a “one and done” style of designing. They’ll deliver you a (mostly) functioning website for the agreed-upon flat rate. But what if you have problems with it? What if it doesn’t quite do what you thought it would? The designer got his flat fee and has little to no motivation to continue helping you.

Another reason these services aren’t ideal is that quality web design often includes some degree of ongoing support, updating, and maintenance. This “one and done” approach often strands clients. When something eventually goes wrong, the design firm is slow to respond, or it nickel-and-dimes its clients. The clients are stranded until the site is back up, so they usually end up paying a premium.

There’s a Better Way

At BlueMatrix Media, we believe there’s a better way to approach quality, affordable web design.

Affordable Web Design – It Starts with a Conversation

Intelligent web design starts with a conversation. We’ll sit down with you—in person or virtually—to discuss what your website needs to be able to do. Do you need an eCommerce solution? Maybe you need help with ongoing SEO content? Do you plan to blog yourself and need easy access to post content? Questions like these affect design as well as pricing, so it’s the right place to start.

It Takes a Special Designer

Our designers understand that affordability is key to our clients, but they remain passionate about quality. Designers who possess both qualities develop dynamic, functional content for clients. But they do it in an efficient, to-the-point format. Many times, the desired outcome can be achieved using a simple, quick solution or a complex, flashy, time-consuming one. Our designers know that the simple, quick solution is the better choice—as long as it meets the client’s goals.

We Want to be Your Affordable Web Design Partner

If you’re ready to take the leap to a quality, affordable web design firm, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.

BlueMatrix Media is proud to be recognized as a top E-Commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush

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