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Based in North Dallas, BlueMatrix Media has been providing professional and affordable Pay-per-click & Search Engine Marketing services for businesses for over 18 years. We have vast knowledge in creating high-performance Frisco PPC campaigns with the ability to generate a high return on your investment. With Dallas PPC campaigns, you can realize an increase in sales for a lower cost per unit.

We have successfully managed over $3 million in PPC throughout our time in business. We have delivered industry-leading, effective PPC management services since the creation of PPC over 15 years ago. Our high-quality Frisco PPC management services include Google Adwords, Bing, Microsoft Ad center & Facebook. If you select BlueMatrix Media as your Dallas PPC management partner, you will see a transformation in the impact that search engine management makes on your business.

Sales Conversions: Where Science Meets Art

The PPC marketplace is highly saturated, which makes it highly competitive, and requires strategic marketing paired with analytical dexterity. We at BlueMatrix Media tactfully develop PPC marketing and keyword content to bring in interested consumers, and allow the tracking of those consumers through your sales pipeline. By utilizing advanced tracking and analytics in this process, strategic keywords and low performing webpages are acknowledged and adjusted as necessary. Using ongoing PPC management and campaign development, we will maximize your ROI and create the sales you need to increase business.

What distinguishes our Search Engine Marketing programs from others?

We at BlueMatrix Media have a hands-on approach to search engine marketing. While many of our competitors depend on automated bidding and management software to do the work, we take pride in ourselves and in our ability to effectively manually run your campaign. It is not uncommon to find companies that do not manage your PPC campaigns personally; instead they allow software to do the work for them while the collect payment. Our PPC management services outperform any automated systems because their algorithms cannot account for all the intangible factors. Software programs cannot detect seasonal trends, sneaky click-fraud teams, trends and patterns, shifts in the industry, or interject with new creative ideas that find unique strategies or methods. When PPC management is personal, it means it will effective and more affordable, which means a higher ROI for your business. Behind every PPC campaign we run, you will find a BlueMatrix Media expert making sure it’s running seamlessly and ensuring maximum performance.

BlueMatrix Media is a full service, solutions driven, agency focused on growing your business! Contact us today to discuss our Web Design, SEO, PPC – SEM, Reputation Management & Social Media Marketing options.

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BlueMatrix Media is a Frisco based Reputation Management and Digital marketing firm that has the ultimate motive of making their client’s business flourish. We start the campaigns by “thinking in your shoes,” working with a simplistic policy of promising less and delivering more. All our solutions are tailored specific to client requirements. Contact us today and experience what a skilled team can do for your business.

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