You’ve decided to build a new website for your business and spent some time researching the best approach. And you’ve found it! A DIY solution sounds like the fastest, cheapest way to get your site off the ground. It’s clearly the best choice … right?

If the website design seems too good…

Unfortunately, DIY websites often create serious problems long before any solutions. In most cases, business owners set out to build their own website and quickly find themselves overwhelmed. Whether by the scope of the project, the time required or simply struggling to complete the task. As small business owners, they have a talent for the niche their business serves. Lawyers are good at handling and advising us on legal issues. Doctors are good at treating patients. Insurance agents are very good at helping us protects our assets. As such, web designers and digital agencies are good at building websites. All of us struggle when we stray too far out of our professional “lane”.

DIY websites often cause these problems and inconveniences, to name a few.

  • Time commitment. Chances are, you have other business duties you need to attend to throughout the day. Taking on a web design project will consume hours of time that could be better spent on work or play.
  • Poor SEO. Without an expert to insure your site is truly SEO optimized, generating traffic to your website will be difficult. Simply because users will be unable to find it.
  • Tough to troubleshoot. What do you do if an image refuses to load correctly? Or if your beautiful site looks like a mess the moment you open it on a mobile device? Without extensive Web design experience, these issues are difficult to resolve. Your business and brand may will suffer from a less than satisfactory end result.
  • Web design is hard. Maybe start DIY project planning to whip out a couple pages and have a website running in a couple hours? Unfortunately, this is a feat that even the most experienced Web designer would struggle with. A web design expert is familiar with the design process and can advise you on what works and what doesn’t.

Your website is an essential tool for your business. A strong website will increase customer awareness, find new prospects, foster interaction, capture sales and more. Thus, a quality site is an important investment that can directly impact your success.

What seems like a simple DIY website frequently turns into a stressful, time-consuming project. Instead, enlist the help of digital marketing experts who can make your dream business website into a reality.

We can get your website up and running quickly and effectively. Contact BlueMatrix by phone at (469) 375-9595, or by email .

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