Social media has become one of the most influential aspects of our daily lives over time. We utilize Facebook and Instagram to find new places to explore, such as where to find a bakery that sells eclectic cakes and treats. Businesses have changed the way they advertise. Putting ads in the Yellow Pages and on billboards is a dying form of marketing. It is so much easier to access the World Wide Web nowadays. Our phones are basically tiny computers compact enough to fit into our pockets. Also, billboards and paper ads only reach a small group of people within a longer time frame, whereas social media can reach billions within seconds.BlueMatrix Media, we help businesses like yours create and manage Facebook Marketing solutions, and want to do the same for you.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with over one billion daily active users worldwide. According to the Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics, there are 1.15 billion mobile users daily and the most common age demographic is between 25 and 34–the prime ages for most businesses’ marketing targets. Facebook marketing will reach a larger platform of people in a detailed and strategic way.

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Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook ads manager is the first step in creating your campaign.  New ads are created, current campaigns are tracked and their performances are measured.  This can be a confusing place, contact BlueMatrix Media with any questions.  We are here to help!

Who is it for?

Facebook wants to know your intent and who your audience is. These are foundation of a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign.  There are three subcategories of objectives, which include: awareness, consideration and conversion. Although Facebook has over one billion users, not all of them may relate to or benefit from your product. Choosing the type of audience will assist with the ad ending up on the right computer screens. There are three different audience types, which are: core audience, lookalike audience and custom audience.

When Will They See It?

Choose where the ad will run. If the target audience is mobile users, Instagram and other Facebook-owned apps may be the perfect platform.  This is another unique tool that makes Facebook Marketing an essential part of any digital marketing plan.  Serving your advertisement when your customers are online can save you substantially.

How Much Is It?

Facebook offers a couple strategies to help users with how much or how little they are looking to spend. The budget is overall amount spent. This tells Facebook how much you are willing to spend through either a daily budget or lifetime budget. Next is cost per result, which is your bid strategy.  For a more in-depth description of how to successfully set up an ad campaign on Facebook, check out this article by Search Engine Watch.

Keeping up with trends in social media is as important as the ad campaign itself because it may dictate where you put your ad.  According to Entrepreneur, over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, which means if a company is looking to advertise on Instagram, it better be story-savvy. Another trend to watch out for is Facebook Spaces, which allows users to connect with friends in virtual reality. It is expected to be the first successful virtual reality social media product.  Facebook Marketing is not a stagnant space…it is ever evolving.

Social Media marketing and search engine marketing, in our opinion, go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking for more marketing assistance, the leadership team at BlueMatrix Media has over 40 years of experience in the industry and specializes in helping clients with their digital marketing needs.  Check out our Facebook page, which offers reviews, testimonials from previous clients and articles about the industry. You can also check out our website for a list of services offered, including web design, SEO services and digital marketing.

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