More and more small and medium sized companies are flocking to the internet to grow their businesses, and for good reason. When you consider that 85% of customers go online to find local businesses, it makes sense to have a powerful website to direct them to. However, having a great site does not guarantee that it will generate traffic. Effective SEO content and application practices are an essential piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Still, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes to Google algorithms and current consumer trends in the marketplace. Understanding and implementing these four tenants of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, content can be very beneficial. You will develop the kind of SEO content that grabs attention, grows your reputation and ranks your site higher.

Target the Right Audience

The most important part of creating content for maximizing SEO results, is to know exactly who your ideal customer is. What are their interests and spending habits? Think about their lifestyle, and what kind of content would appeal to them the most. Remember that search engine’s work on the premise that someone is looking for information. So, what would your target audience most likely type into the Google search bar? Once you understand who you are selling to, the SEO content generation process becomes easier because you speak to them. The information you create will be viewed by people who are interested in your unique product or service.

Size Up the Competition

Make a habit of looking at competitor websites often. If there are websites that are outranking you, search through their pages and see if they are implementing strategies that you aren’t. Find out if they use keywords that you’ve neglected to include. Are their blog posts laid out in a way that is more appealing to your shared audience, are they the same type of structure? Do they have other forms of media such as a podcast or YouTube videos embedded in their site? See what ideas you can generate and consider testing out some of them in your own content.

Create Amazing SEO Content

Filling your website with keyword stuffed articles is the best way to get on Google’s naughty list and drive away potential customers. Many people work really hard on creating a beautiful website, and spend a small fortune on SEO plugins and software programs, yet neglect the most crucial part of the process. Getting traffic to your website is pointless if it doesn’t connect with people and draw them toward your offerings. Make sure that you take the time to use keywords selectively. Write attention grabbing headlines, and make content that adds value and bolsters your company’s reputation and authority.

Analyze the Data

Do not get in the habit of hitting publish and never thinking about it again, rather continue to build. Once you’ve implemented a certain strategy or added new SEO content, check your analytic information and see what the results are. While this part may seem like a mundane task and might not be the most glamorous, it is vital to the success of your digital marketing efforts. Having a firm grasp on the numbers means that you are always aware of what’s working and what’s not.

We Can Help

Digital marketing, SEO and content  generation can be overwhelming, we understand. We also understand most small business owners are good at operating their business, not writing content. BlueMatrix Media can help you create real, meaningful content for your site. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE.

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