Are you looking forward to ranking your website through organic SEO? If yes, have you ever focused on your website design? Yes, you read it right. Website design is one of the factors contributing to the organic SEO growth of your website.

With the appropriate website design, you can rank your website high in organic searches. An accurate website design enhances the user experience of your website. If the user experience is excellent on your website, you will be able to rank consistently in organic searches.

Here are some website design factors that can help you improve your organic rankings.

Importance of Website Design

According to Dallas SEO company, website design is crucial for high ranking in organic searches. With enhanced user experience through effective website design, you tell search engines to rank your website.

For many search engines like Google, user experience is the topmost priority for ranking websites. Search engines rank websites by considering the quality of content, structure of the website, and demographic profile.

Thus, having a poor user experience or poor website design will harm your organic searches.

The Dwell Time

Dwell time is defined by the amount of time spent by the user on your website. Dwell time affects the organic rankings of your website to a large extent.

If you have a poorly designed website, the dwell time on your website will always be less. A visitor will switch instantly from your website instead of struggling with your poorly designed website.

Some bad design factors that can lead to less dwell time are mismatched fonts, lousy navigation, and mismatched colors. Avoiding these website designs can help you improve your SEO performance and rankings.

Page Loading Time

Another important factor that affects the SEO performance of the website is the page load time and website load time. According to research, users tend to switch to another website if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Slow-loading websites and web pages often annoy every visitor. Website design elements like JavaScript code, CSS files, the logic of the code affect the loading time of your website.

Thus, paying attention to the website design elements can help you improve the organic rankings of your website.

Mobile Friendly

Always have a mobile-friendly website design for your website. The majority of users make use of their mobile for surfing websites. Having a mobile-friendly website design can help you drive more traffic to your website.
If your website design is mobile-friendly, the browser can automatically adjust the screen size and display your website appropriately on mobile screens.

With a mobile-friendly website design, your visitor can conveniently spend time on your website and surf to get the required information. The more time spent on your website, the more beneficial for the organic rankings of the websites.

The Quality of the Pages

Page quality of the website also affects the SEO rankings of the website. The page structure, content quality, images, and titles affect the quality of the webpage.

Page quality also includes the titles, meta description tags, and titles. Thus having high page quality can help you improve the organic rankings of your website.

Always ensure that your website designer makes use of the right headings, adds SEO-friendly meta descriptions, and structures your web pages appropriately.

Proper Structure and Navigation

Proper structure and navigation are crucial for high organic rankings of the website. An effective website design ensures effective navigation between the web pages on the website.

If the user can navigate to different sections of your website conveniently, the dwell time and engagement on the website increase. Both factors add up to the rankings of the website.

Thus, while designing your website, ensure proper organization and structure of web pages on the website. Effective navigation adds up to high rankings of your website. BlueMatrix Media specializes in custom website design in dallas.

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