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8 Reasons Local SEO Works!

Local SEO Services

BlueMatrix Media knows what it means to be successful in the search arena, including our Local SEO solutions and campaigns. Most of all we have a very keen eye on what it takes to be successful with LocalSEO in Frisco, Plano, Prosper as well as the rest of north DFW and Dallas. Over the years we have earned extensive experience and respect in the SEO industry. As a result, we offer high performing, customized SEO campaign packages, tailored to our business clients and neighbors seeking Local SEO success. A LocalSEO campaign is built, managed and execute different than a regional, national or even global campaign because of its high emphasis on gaining traction on geographic based keywords. LocalSEO is important for all businesses, and should be in every marketing plan, but especially vital for small to medium sized businesses focused on growing their business close to home.

Local SEO provides community-based businesses an exclusive advantage, allowing these local businesses to outpace non-local competitors. Of course, without a local SEO emphasis, website owners will find it difficult to be discovered by customers looking for help within their geographic area.

Benefits of using a Local SEO Strategy

Our Local SEO services are tailored to the unique needs of our clients and partners who provide services to a specific local region. For example, a salon in Frisco, TX has no need to compete for customers against salons in Kansas City, MO. As a result, BlueMatrix Media provides highly focused local SEO services to concentrate marketing efforts to drive consumer traffic from the geographic area of the business. After all, Google, Bing, and Yahoo want to provide the best local search results to consumers conducting the search & have special methods help locally-oriented businesses, if the business is positioned correctly. Together with our team of veterans, we are always in front of coming algorithm changes and tactically deploy the necessary changes to insure our clients stay at the top of the search rankings.

BlueMatrix Media’s Frisco and Dallas local SEO services has an industry-leading performance guarantee, we insure that your SEO campaign expands each month. Our complete local SEO service program is outlined below.

Local SEO Service Details

  • Keyword Research – Find the most relevant and commonly searched keyword phrases that are most likely to generate sales.
  • On-site Content Optimization – This focuses on visible words on a webpage. Optimization of the content on webpages, while keeping in mind your target audience and keywords.
  • Content Optimization – This focuses on the non-visible content on webpages. “White hat” optimization improves HTML coding, which includes META tags, Page Title, Alt Tags, etc.
  • Content Creation and Distribution – Creating new webpages that specifically are aimed to target local regions, and include crucial keywords, that are not otherwise supported by existing webpages.
  • Link Building – Link building aims to increase your page rank, website visits, and online presence. Page rank is a measure of online presence determined by Google, which is a major factor in search engine optimization and ranking; it ultimately drives local search engine traffic.
  • Local Business Profiles – Generates location business directory listings across main business gateways, such as or
  • Local SEO Resources – Optimization of Google Places, Bing, and Yahoo Local Maps. This is a big influence for local SEO and also provides an edge for local businesses over national competitors.
  • XML Sitemaps – Creation of XML sitemaps invite search engine BOTs to “crawl” on the site. This includes standard submission of sitemaps to search engines.
  • Search Engine Submissions – All webpages are submitted to over 50 US-based search engines, which includes all main search engines and a number of Tier-2 search engines.
  • Adjusting to Search Engine Ranking Updates – Google updates their ranking system over 500 times a year, which is important to keep up on. We continuously make adjustments to your campaigns to keep them up to date.
  • Ongoing SEO Work – We ensure we have on-site and off-site local SEO covered at all times to ensure long-term growth.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a powerful tool; it analyzes traffic and provides statistics to identify strengths and weaknesses of a website.
  • Webmaster Tools – With the use of Webmaster Tool accounts from Google and Bing, direct feedback from search engines pertaining to the performance of your website is delivered.
  • Website Design – If necessary, we will provide website performance recommendations to improve your website for the user experience, click-through rates, and sales exchanges.
  • Monthly Ranking Reports and Updates – We will provide a monthly update which will include a keyword ranking brief; a SEO campaign progress report will also be detailed.
  • Online Marketing Consulting – With over a decade of experience, we thoroughly understand the Internet realm. We’ll help you determine what makes the most sense of what works for your website needs.
  • Industry-Leading Performance Guarantee – We will waive our SEO campaign costs for any month where we do not meet the following expectations: five new keyword rankings and a yield of a net ranking gain of 20 positions between Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Blue Matrix Media has no time-based requirement for any of our offered local SEO campaigns. We lessen the marketing risks from our local clients by removing time contracts and ensuring industry-leading performance guarantees. We are confident in our work and it reflects by our high retention rate of clients.

Discounts are available for organizations with multiple websites, or numerous locations, which would require separate SEO work.

Local SEO
Local SEO
Local SEO
Local SEO
Local SEO
Local SEO

If you’re looking for a more aggressive Local SEO campaign, our Advanced Local SEO Service provides a accelerated timeline.

BlueMatrix Media’s Advanced Local SEO Service is a more aggressive SEO solution for clients in highly competitive business verticals, which pulls in many of the SEO elements we provide as a part of our large enterprise campaigns. The Advanced Local SEO Program is designed for local organizations seeking a combative solution, with room for enhanced regionally-based expansion.

  • Business Directory Creation – We will create over 10 additional local business profile listings on main business portals, which includes,,, and
  • Content Creation and Circulation – We will create one monthly targeted article and/or blog post. From there, we will post the newly published content, as well as any pre-existing written content, to circulation websites and RSS feeds. By circulating this written content, your online presence is vastly expanded with creating inbound links and the establishment of your business as the leader in its market.
  • Social Media Bookmarking – A social media bookmarking program builds inbound links and is a boost for social media activity, which benefits your SEO. It is common for large search engines to include “social signals” to decide keyword positions.
  • Social Media Consulting – We want you to succeed, so we provide training and coaching on how to improve in-house social media to benefit your online presence and SEO.
  • Aggressive Link Building – With the Advanced Local SEO Service Package, we will double the rate and range of inbound link building. In addition, we submit the site to an additional Tier-2 US-based search engines and an extra 10 business directories.

*For all Advanced Local SEO services, we will double our standard performance guarantee.

Discounts are available for organizations with multiple websites, or numerous locations, which would require separate SEO work.

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