Today, more than ever, it is important to diversify your digital marketing efforts. We’ve all been told to avoid having all of our “eggs in one basket”. What does this mean?  It means deploying a multi-channel approach.

Everyone has a smart phone, right?  Maybe not everyone, but the percentages are staggering. This has created a surge in the development of mobile apps. Apps are powerful tools for targeting, contacting and engaging your clientele audience. The ability to scale connection is a great reason to focus on mobile app technology.

Are you on the fence? Does your business really need a mobile app? Keep reading for a few points that may help you decide.

1. Grow Your Sales

If you are not currently capable of marketing to your clients on a single, real-time platform this is a huge opportunity.

The ability to contact your clients when you have something meaningful to offer them is powerful.  Push notifications allow you to offer customers discounts, promotions, loyalty rewards and much more. A great example: having a slow month? Reach out to your customers with a promotion, bringing them to your door.

2. Mobile Payments

Let’s be honest here, getting paid can be a huge issue for some. Mobile apps can simplify this process, shorten the collection cycle and provide your customers with a hassle-free experience. Mobile apps allow your customers to “shop ahead”, creating customer loyalty and ease.

3. Grow Your Audience

Mobile application development and app deployment is all about customer relationships. Building, growing, enhancing and so much more. Your clients no longer have to remember your website, or find you on social media, they simply open your app and engage with your business.

Your website & mobile app can work hand in hand. Your website, via SEO and social media marketing, will increase visibility and drive traffic to your business and more app downloads. Your app will then effectively drive customers to the destination you intend, either web based or storefront.

4. Increase Customer Loyalty

A branded, well thought out mobile app is a powerful customer loyalty tool. Providing your customers with the ability to shop from home, make a reservation, place an order or pay their bill creates an experience they will enjoy. These enjoyable experiences drive return visits. Return visits drives referrals.  Referrals drive revenue growth.  See where we are going?

Ownership of a branded mobile app allows you to take full advantage of all of these things. Notifying your customers of exclusive sales, rewards or offers generates higher performance of your marketing campaigns and more revenue for your business.

mobile application development

5. Improve Your Business Process

Mobile apps are versatile and can be built to address business process issues as well. Do you offer a mobile service but struggle with efficiency? Are your drivers difficult to track and disappear for long periods of time? Are you wasting time between appointment setting and execution? These are all problems that can be solved by custom mobile application development. A well-run business better serves its customers. Creating technical solutions makes sense when solving execution problems.

6. Increased Understanding

Mobile apps are phenomenal data collection tools. By providing your customers with the ability to access your products or services on your application, the data will provide valuable insight. What products/services are viewed the most? Is there a product/service people are viewing a lot but not buying? Where are your users coming from? How far is your reach? All of this and so much more is available. Data is power people!

Tracking and understanding the way your customers interact with your app allows you the better understand how you provide a better user experience. Understanding the customer is the key to success in any business niche.

Ready For Your Mobile Application?

Mobile apps provide many benefits to almost any business. Still not sure you need a mobile app? BlueMatrix Media is here to help! As one of the Top App Developers in Dallas and Top Social Networking App Development Agencies we are ready to assist you in any way we can. Contact us when you are ready!

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