In today’s competitive environment, companies of all sizes must work hard to build and maintain their reputation. Large corporations have a team of lawyers and public relations experts working for them. Unfortunately, small business owners juggle with daily tasks, and don’t have the budget to hire attorneys or full-time PR specialists. Even the well intentioned business owner can have a client that refuses to be placated after a bad experience. In today’s information-obsessed society, the persistent voice of a single angry customer is enough to ruin your chances of getting new sales. At BlueMatrix Media, we help businesses like yours create and manage reputation management solutions, and want to do the same for you. Have you become the victim of a digital smear campaign? Here are some tips that can help you fight back and earn the new clients walking through your doors.

Consistently Publish Fresh Valuable Content

The best way to combat negative information online is to push it into the periphery by publishing more positive content. In short, controlling the message. Let’s say someone publishes an article on their personal blog, ranting about how terrible your product or service was. Have you published a blog post every week for the past three years? Then their one negative article might show up on page 20 of Google, where few eyes will ever see it. But, if you don’t have a blog, then it could stick out like a sore thumb on the front page, right next to your pay per click ad. Drown negative comments in a deluge of valuable content that proves your authority.

Monitor Your Social Media Channels Closely

If you set up a profile on any social media platform, make sure you have the time and experience to monitor what occurs there. Many small business owners feel a need to show up everywhere online so they can grow their customer reach. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. A twitter account that’s never managed, or a Facebook page that no one looks at, could do a lot more harm than good. If an irritated customer publishes a post or comment about your company, always respond as quickly as possible. If you don’t, potential customers might think you aren’t attentive to the needs of your supporters.

Encourage Happy Customers to Leave Positive Reviews

Bad comments on sites like Yelp or Google Reviews can cause massive problems. A lot of people turn to these platforms for social proof before making a financial commitment to a new company. If they only find a handful of reviews and find a negative opinion, they will likely move on. You can decrease the chances of this happening to your business by encouraging satisfied customers to post reviews on these sites. While you can’t tell them to give you a “5 star rating”, you can give them discounts on future purchases if they leave a review. If you have a hundred positive reviews, the occasional single star won’t have such a terrible impact.

Reach Out to Local Newspapers and TV Stations

Many people assume that only big companies get attention from the media and they miss out on major opportunities to build their brand’s reputation. You don’t have to land an interview with Good Morning America to get a boost in sales. A small feature story in a local news station, newspaper or regional magazine can bring a lot of interest from patrons who are more likely to visit your small business. As an extra bonus, these news outlets will also have a website. Their content will then be driven to the top of search engines and shed a positive light on your brand. The relatively small feats can have a very positive effect on your reputation management efforts.

Do You Need Help With Reputation Management? Call BlueMatrix Media

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