Reputation Management & Monitoring

Word of Mouth is NOT Spoken, It’s POSTED!

Introducing ReviewFire!

The most important reputation management question is and always will be: “how do I get more reviews?” The reality is most people do not leave reviews. This is where ReviewFire comes in… Contact Us to Learn More & start controlling your message!

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Reputation Management & Monitoring

Google’s first page is the new business card.

In today’s business environment, competition is higher than it has ever been & consumer access to reputation listings is greater than ever. The way consumers view your brand has a direct impact on the health of your business. Reputation Management & Monitoring must be a part of every business digital marketing plan.

BlueMatrix Media of Frisco, TX assists individuals and businesses monitor and manage their online reputation. Research shows 80% of consumers trust online reviews and customer opinions more than any advertisement. The benefits of a strong reputation management campaign are far reaching:

So Much MORE than just REVIEWS

Generate More Customer Reviews

EARN More Stars

Earn More Referrals

Earn More Referrals

Build a Strong Brand

Build a Stronger Brand

Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email List

What Are the Benefits of a Good Online Reputation?

Why? Statistics tell us a lot about the importance of a positive online reputation:

  • 90% of consumers say positive reviews influence their purchase decisions
  • 65% of web users consider online research as the most trusted source of information
  • 85% of consumers use the internet before making a buying decision
  • 79% of consumers consider personal recommendations and online reviews equally
  • 58% of Fortune 500 execs know reputation management should be a core piece to every company’s marketing strategy
  • Over 80% of digital marketers suggest building trust as the primary focus of future marketing campaigns

The direction of online marketing, at least a key part of it, is clear…individuals and businesses must monitor and protect their online reputation. As mentioned above, Google search findings are your new business card. Perception is reality. Failing to implement an active reputation management and monitoring campaign is leaving a big piece of your business to chance. BlueMatrix Media offers custom ‘Right-Size’ Reputation Management & Monitoring campaigns to help our partners control their online image.

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BlueMatrix Media is a full service, solutions driven, agency focused on growing your business! Contact us today to discuss our Web Design, SEO, PPC – SEM, Reputation Management & Social Media Marketing options.

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