Digital marketing has expanded beyond the desktop. With smartphones acting as handheld computers and voice search, horizons are broadened for the way content is delivered and how it gets to the right audience.  As it always has been, effective copywriting is essential.

How is the Content Delivered?

You also have to think about how content is delivered. When you think of voice search and your content, the best option may be to load the first sentences with main points so that the listener obtains all of the important information up front. That way, listeners with short attention spans know all the key points before shutting Alexa up. Effective copywriting will translate across all search methods, including voice search.

Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing is definitely a game-changer for SEO. What is means is Google is taking the mobile versions of websites and making them the baseline for determining rankings. If your site does not have a mobile version, then the desktop version will still be included in the index.

Mobile Optimization is a Must!

Creating a mobile version of your website would be wise, if you do not already have one. By 2015, the number of mobile searches on Google was crushing the number of desktop searches. When creating a mobile version, Google took into consideration that users would want different options depending on setting and scenario. For example, if you were in class, you wouldn’t use voice to search, but if you were jogging or taking a walk, voice would be perfect to use.

When creating a mobile version, presentation is key. Your Copywriting style must adapt. Short sentences and short paragraphs with enough spacing in between makes content easier to read. The headline should hook the reader in, the subheadings should engage them further.  The body gives a detailed explanation with evidence to back up claims. Make sure you are utilizing <h1> to <h3> header tags so that you can structure the content with a clear headline, subhead and the body.  Yes, there is a technical piece to effective SEO copywriting.

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Follow Good Writing Practices

Most importantly, the copywriting produced content should be interesting and thorough. In order to accomplish this, you have to know who you are writing to. Make sure you know the audience you want to engage. Also, you have to know what you have to offer them. The content should also be well-structured and of course, grammatically correct.

Editing immediately after completing a write-up can possibly leave room for errors because you are too close to the work. Give yourself some time to breathe and take yourself out of the content. That way, when you come back, you are looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of using key phrases. In fact, using key phrases is encouraged, if utilized to relate to your audience and content.

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