Imagine this: You are a local business without a small business website. You have a modest but well-performing company. Your business is mostly local and you have just enough clients to make a decent income without having to struggle to keep up. You’re happy with how your business is performing and you don’t feel the need to grow any more than you already have.

So you don’t need a small business website — do you?

The answer is yes, you do! Even if you are content with the number of customers you have and how your business is performing. A small business website. offers benefits that will save you time and money. A small business website will also help you establish a good reputation for your company. Here is another article to reference: Why do I need a small business website?

More than half of all small business owners (SMBs) do not have a small business website. Many have no online presence at all. Maintaining a simple small business website with your basic business information will make a difference. Your customers are looking for you online.

Don’t buy it? 3 reasons to change your mind

Many small businesses believe they cannot justify the cost of purchasing a domain or hiring someone to build their website. However eMarketer reports that 33.8% of small business owners engage with new or existing clients daily through their websites. Another 21.4% engage with their clients weekly. A small business website not only brings in new customers who may have otherwise never found you, it keeps them. A successful platform keeps direct communication flowing with your regular customers as well. A solid website will inform customers of changes in service, discounts, or promotions while also providing an additional contact method.

Another objection is that many small business owners often do not want to take away time from their operations to have a website. built. But think of it this way: Do you want to spend your time on the phone answering basic questions about your hours of operation, the products and services you carry, and your location? Or is that time better spent running your operations and assisting your clients? Supplying FAQs and other basic information on a website can mean prospects are more sale-ready when they come face-to-face with you.

Your customers expect you to have a website

One of the most pressing reasons to maintain a small business website. is one of the most obvious: Your clients expect you to have one. Studies show that most people rely on the Internet as an initial source of information while making a purchase decision. Even a small amount of information about your products or services can sway buyers to seek more information. And the Internet has all but replaced the traditional phonebook. Not having a website to list hours of operation, phone number, or a physical address can discredit your business in customers’ minds.

Even if you aren’t looking to grow your business, or you don’t think a small business website, is a worthwhile investment of time and money, you should still consider a simple website. Having one gives your business more credibility and can conveniently supply clients with the information they’re looking for.

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