Everyone knows that having a website is essential to success for today’s companies, both big and small. The tricky part is knowing how to stand out amongst all the others. Especially when you are competing with local businesses in the same industry. Ranking high on search engines is the most affordable and efficient way to get new clients. It isn’t easy for a business owner to know how to improve their SEO in a manageable way. At BlueMatrix Media, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their online visibility. One of the most effective ways to improve your SEO is also one of the most underutilized. Google My Business is a free tool to get your business’ brand in front of thousands of new consumers. Learning how to master your Google My Business listing is one of the fastest ways to get LocalSEO attention.Learn more about Local SEO HERE

What is Google My Business and Why is it Important?

Google is the number one search engine on the planet. Most people in your city who are looking for your offering will go to Google first research their options. If your business is last on the list, your chances of gaining new customers aren’t very high. When your name pops up first or second, it is very likely you’ll be getting a lot of traffic. Ranking high on a search engine results page through organic SEO takes a great amount of effort and dedication. It doesn’t happen overnight. Maximizing your business listing is an excellent way to use Google’s powerful platform.

You can check your Google My Business Listing HERE

How to Optimize Your Listing to Raise Your Search Engine Ranking

The algorithm looks for key factors like distance, authority and relevance. You’ll need to have your business contact information up-to-date and use keywords in your business descriptions when possible. Though it will take time, you can build your prominence by updating your profile often and encouraging client reviews. Here are a few more tips that if implemented, can increase your listing rank:

  • Claim Your Business’ Listing
  • Make Sure You Pick the Right Category
  • Give as Much Information as You Can for a Complete Profile
  • Double Check Your Phone Number, Hours and Address
  • Use Great Photos
  • Review Your Listing Often and Keep It Up to Date

Getting high rankings in your area requires using location specific keywords.

Be sure that you are using your city name often. If you offer services or advertise your business to nearby communities, use their names as well. Include street names and your complete address, as well as area codes. This will be extremely useful for web users who are on mobile devices. If a potential customer is a few streets down from your location, Google will point them your direction first, but only if the data is available. If you implement these suggestions, you will see a significant bump in your listing’s SEO performance as a result.

Need Help with Your SEO? Contact the Experts at BlueMatrix Media

Are you a time strapped business owner ready to take your company’s online reach to the next level? Many people realize how vital SEO is, but don’t have the time to do it themselves. Others lack the financial resources to take on another full-time employee. When you invest in the services at BlueMatrix Media, you receive an entire SEO department at a fraction of the cost. If you’re ready to get your website to the top, contact the BlueMatrix team today.

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