Many marketing professionals think of SEO and Content Marketing as separate entities. However, in combination, the two powerhouses create a synergistic relationship that can bring real transformation for your digital marketing metrics. When you create your digital content with SEO in mind throughout the entire process, the content is more targeted. You can better target your ideal customer and make sure that every published post brings maximum value and revenue. Here are a few tips and techniques to put into practice for improved content marketing and SEO success.


Integrating Content Marketing and SEO Teams

Synchronize your efforts rather than creating two distinct projects, positions, or even departments that rarely interact. Integrate your content marketing specialists and creators and SEO experts by having them work together from the project launch. Why you ask? Because doing so will create a highly effective, streamlined digital marketing effort. Many companies have their content marketing team curate and write on topics for blog posts only to hand them off. The post is given over to the SEO specialists to make it climb the search engine ladder. Your reach could be more powerful if they worked together to create topics and keywords. Generating only posts that target the keywords most searched by your target audience. Save time, maximize productivity and boost your online reach by bringing the worlds of content marketing and SEO together.

There are millions of well written blog posts buried online. The are rarely seen because the author did not have a firm grasp on content marketing and keyword balance. It could also because of a lack of knowledge about Google’s latest algorithm changes. There are also plenty of SEO specialists capable of creating an article that lands on the first page of results. Unfortunately, the message maybe bland or confusing and therefore have limited success converting readers into paying customers. By syncing these two talents together, you can achieve the best of both worlds.


How to Use SEO to Deepen Customer Relationships

Every day there are frustrated internet users because they are tired of looking for a specific product or service. They Google a keyword, only to be presented with a list of irrelevant search results due to poor content. Depending on the their results, they could waste valuable time. Sifting through an overwhelming amount of poor search data is frustrating for all users. If you can simplify the process for your users, then you are more likely to earn their long term loyalty. Your SEO team will ensure that your content shows up at the top of the search engine results page. Your content marketing team will guarantee that the information provided is what the consumer is searching. By making your content discoverable and beneficial, you will create better relationships with your clients and customers.


Where the Magic Happens

As time goes on and your audience consistently sees your content as relevant, you will become a go to source for information. Rather than stumbling upon your article, they will seek you out first. They will become more likely to request newsletters, become a frequent visitor and repeat customers. A snowball effect takes over and word begins to spread, you are a respected voice in your industry. You will become a trusted authority, building a firm foundation that won’t be easily undone.


The Time is Now

Patience is a must when combining SEO and Content Marketing. It sometimes takes time to develop the necessary relationships to effectively change your current digital marketing systems. In the long run the amount of time save will make the initial investment well worth it. Now is the time to get started. You can ensure that your published content will be seen and heard rather than buried by your competitors. Use your SEO and content creation in harmony, and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

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