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An agency built by industry veterans, BlueMatrix Media offers performance guaranteed SEO for businesses of all sizes in the DFW metroplex. Unlike many agencies, our SEO solutions are customized to meet each individual client’s goals, insuring that most cost-effective, productive SEO campaign possible. BlueMatrix Media clients come from all industries and sizes, ranging from the smallest startup to Fortune 500 enterprise clients. The BlueMatrix Media team has been operating in the digital world for over 17 years (even longer than Google) and is an industry leader in DFW and the nation. We believe in a hands-on approach to all of our work. While many of the so-called “agencies” in the space are simply plugging limited information into off the shelf software, we are building REAL campaigns & producing REAL results. How confident are we in our our work? All BlueMatrix Media Search Engine Optimization campaigns include an industry-leading performance guarantees!

We are hands-on, full-service agency, which means we directly implement our work on client projects, we don’t believe in off the shelf ‘easy’ solutions. Should your site ever need a design tweak or content addition, we can handle that too…our roster is filled with web designers, developers, marketers, analysts & more. We also understand that sometimes controls need to be maintain in-house, in those scenarios we seamlessly work with your in-house development team to deliver and integrate our work. We believe strongly in an open door policy, meaning we always share our knowledge and will gladly explain our methodologies.

BlueMatrix Media is a full service, solutions driven, agency focused on growing your business! Contact us today to discuss our Web Design, SEO, PPC – SEM, Reputation Management & Social Media Marketing options.

Local SEO Services

LocalSEO is more important than ever to those businesses serving a local community, or geographic region. Our LocalSEO service focuses on attaining keyword rankings related to your business when combined with a local area. An example is “Dallas HVAC” or “Frisco Video Production”. Over the last few years Google has put a large emphasis on its local search product. It is imperative your business stays up with the constant changes

Frisco SEO

Small Business SEO

The BlueMatrix Media Small Business SEO service package is designed to help small businesses that offer their services to a local and national community. Whether you are seeking a local consumer base, or to reach a national audience, we can support your goals. We work with our clients to develop a strategy to target both local and national audiences. This is an economical solution for small to medium size businesses, as well as some corporations with goals of a national presence.

Enterprise/Corporate SEO


The BlueMatrix Media Corporate Search Engine Optimization package is designed to allow our enterprise level, corporate organizations operating on a global scale to meet their goals. These websites are likely to be larger (up to hundreds of pages), offering many more products and services. In the national search and corporate market, many keyword phrases are highly competitive and require the intensive hands-on work BlueMatrix specializes in. It is a must your corporation stand out, we are your solution!

Frisco SEO

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BlueMatrix Media is a national digital marketing firm, based in Frisco, TX, offering a 'Right-Size' performance driven, digital solution. Our Web Design team produces stunning results. The Performance Marketing team delivers world class SEO, SEM, Social Media and Reputation Monitoring & Management results. All BlueMatrix Media solutions are customized to our exact client needs.

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